Rosibel Ramírez exhibits at Milan Expo 2015 of International contemporary Art.

In the city where the ingenious of Da Vinci made his mark and where his inspiration rooted from, "Milan Expo 2015” International contemporary art, is carried out and organized by the National Institute of Culture in collaboration with Enel, official global sponsor of the Expo. The exhibition is held in the historic and prestigious building Taccani Centrale with more than 400 international artists and 1000 artworks selected by curators Giorgio Grasso and Bosmat Niron, including paintings, sculptures, photography and videos among others. As a note of interest, a tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci will be made, showing the environmental sculptures in the Da Vinci canals dam at the sala liberty trezzo, constructed according to his recordings from 1508,192 pages called "the world and its waters." A second historical event takes place at the Art Expo, for the first time, the recently discovered great work of Gustav Klimt will be shown as well.

-Rosibel Ramirez art work was selected to ilustrate, with more than 12 pictures, the cover and the interior of the bilingual anthology 2016 of the Cavern, School of Creative Writing, co-edited by Maria Gabriela Madrid and Jose Diaz Diaz. This edition title; Voragine Sensual/Sensual Vortex, includes texts of Hispano American writers: Antonieta Madrid (Venezuelan), Jesus I. Callejas (Cuban-American), Mariela Zuluaga (Colombian), Maria Gabriela Madrid (Venezuelan-American), Luz E. Macias (Colombo-American), Norka Armand (Venezuelan) and Jose Diaz-Diaz (Colombo-American). This anthology is now available at Amazon.

“Journey: A women’s Perspective”

Rosibel Ramirez was invited to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month in Houston. Creative Latinas for the Arts in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs will be proud to present “Journey: A Women’s Perspective” by Latina-hispanic artists living in the greater Houston area. This unprecedented event will take place in the City Hall Tunnel Exhibition Venue on Sep. 20, 2017 until Oct. 10, 2017. (Cancelled due to tropical storm Harvey, until further notice)